I was visiting a friend out in the country outside of Ottawa. When I was leaving her place it was dark and she reminded me that there were moose in the area. Anyway, I was cruising along listening to music when all of a sudden a voice in my head said: “remember there are moose out here.” So I immediately started to slow down. A few seconds later I saw a little glimmer of light up ahead just to the side of the road. I puts the brakes on harder and as I slowed to a stop I saw a family of moose crossing the highway! The glimmer of light I saw was the reflection of my headlights in the first moose’s eye who was half on the shoulder of the road and was looking back at me! Behind that moose was a baby moose and a third adult moose. The third one was right in the middle of my lane and I stopped right in front if it. It stood there looking at me for what seemed like forever before heading off to join it’s family. I realized that had I slowed down any later than I had I would have hit the moose, totaled my car and most likely have totaled myself. When I called my friend to tell her about it she said: “that voice in your head was your grandma whispering to you to slow down!” I don’t know whose voice it was, all I know is that it was a miracle!

Alanna from Mississauga