“I saw my dream job being advertised and decided to submit my resume. I didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks and thought that maybe I didn’t make the cut. However, I decided to send a quick follow-up email just to see. Exactly one week later I had an interview, and a job offer was extended the very next morning.” ~ Aimee, Brampton, Canada

“When I was born, my umbilical cord was in two perfect knots and wrapped around my neck twice. My mother said that if she had been induced, I would have died. The docter was so thrilled that I lived, that he took about 12 pictures of me to show EVERYONE. I love how God works. I just wonder sometimes what he wanted me to stay alive for…” ~ Alexandria, Connecticut, USA

“My miracle this morning was finding this wonderful place that miracles are shared…. Thank you Albert. Thank you Universe for sharing all these miracles.” ~ Ed, Calgary, Canada

“I FINALLY GOT IT! I know now beyond the shadow of a doubt that who I really am the spirit, is also everyone else and everything else. I know that I am always connected to God the source and that Davide Scorziello is the body which I’ve come to experience life through his eyes. This amazing break through in my life has changed everything for me and it feels so amazing. I am home and I feel great! I love you all as I love myself, thank you for being my guides.” ~ Davide, Aurora, Canada

“As I got off the highway this morning a police woman ran out in front of me and told me to pull over. It took me a while to notice her as I was in virtual reality somewhere. She told me I was going 21 kms over the speed limit. She took my paperwork and went back to her car. While she was gone I asked my angels to take care of the outcome. When she returned she smiled and said she is not giving me a speeding ticket due to my good driving record but she was giving me a ticket for some paperwork issue which doesn’t count against my record. She then told me how to have the charge dropped in court. I gave her a huge smile and said thank you. She then wished me a great day!”
~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

“I was leaving Hawaii and arrived at the airport at 8:55pm. My flight was scheduled to depart at 9:25pm so I knew I was already late. The man at the counter said my flight was departing at 9:15 and that I was too late. I asked him if he can check if I can still get on. He called down to baggage and asked if bags were all loaded. I heard the man on the other end reply that they were complete but he could still take me. I was immediately rushed through security and on to the runway where I ran to the plane then ran up the stairs:) I was in my seat at 9:05pm. It was the most effortless check in experience I’ve ever had.” ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

“Tasha our big kitty went missing for 7 hrs, for 6 of the 7 we didn’t look for her thinking she was in my Dad’s room (she likes to sleep under his bed) or sleeping somewhere since it’s normal for our cats to find some place cozy to sleep in, but as time went on we were getting more and more worried. The breaking point was when Dad woke up and informed us that Tasha was not in his room. We searched around the house for an hr getting more and more panicked. “Were was she?” we thought “Is she trapped somewhere?” “Will we find our beloved cat dead?” “Why didn’t we start looking for her sooner?” We had a cat in the past that went missing and when we found him it was too late, so now whenever one of our cats go missing that fear is in the back of our minds. So I put my shoes on and went outside and called her all the while praying to God “Please Lord I need you more than anything right now, every night I pray to you asking you to keep the cats safe, well Lord, I need you to keep that promise now, please bring her back safe.”; no answer from Tasha not even a meow. So I went back inside and grabbed a pouch of cat treats and tried again next thing I know I hear the most beautiful sound “Meow.” Tasha had come back she jumped up on the porch and I scooped her up in my arms and brought her inside. “Thank you Lord!” mom and I both said, “Thank you for bringing her back to us safe!” Tasha is resting now after filling her belly with food and her favorite treats. What I want to know is; where was she all this time and what was she doing the 7 or so hrs she was gone? Without God watching over our furry family members we would not of had Tasha safely home with us.

“I parked my car at a lot with pay meters installed. As I was approaching the meter, I noticed a man placing coins in the slot but they kept coming out. He looked at me and said he thought it was broken. I asked him if I can try with my credit card instead. When I used my card, it worked! I asked him how much he was going to pay for parking and he replied ‘$1.50’. I purchased a ticket and gave it to him. He then thanked me and asked me to take his change. I replied and said it wasn’t necessary as it was a gift but he insisted I take it. I smiled and wished him a great day. Later that afternoon, I went to a coffee shop and ordered a coffee only to realize I did not have any money with me, only my debit and credit cards. Even though I didn’t want to use debit for such a small amount, I started to take my walet out when I felt change in my pocket. It was the change the man had given me earlier and it was enough to buy my coffee. I thought I was giving him a gift but later realized he had also given me a gift worth more than a cup of coffee:)” ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

“I was leaving a mall parking lot when I heard someone honking their horn several times. I wasn’t sure if it was directed at me so I stopped to look around and noticed a man pointing to my roof. I immediately remembered I had left my coffee on the roof right near my door before I got in my car! I would have drove off and possibly worn my coffee as I had my window open. I went around my car and made sure I thanked this gentleman for saving my day!” ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

“I was driving along a busy highway one morning on my way to work; fairly fast but not over the speed limit. A flock of birds swooped down and I had to go on my breaks, they literally brought me to almost a complete stop. I had a feeling that this was some kind of a message for me. As I gathered up my speed again I witnessed a most beautiful scene. A family of deer was crossing the highway, one stopped to make sure the other one crossed safely behind. I felt so connected to nature that morning and enjoyed the miracle!” ~ Monica, Greenbank, Canada

“Over the holidays we had one of our miracle share Wednesdays where no one could attend. So we held a formal share with our 6 & 9 year old boys. It went really well and they shared for several rounds for over an hour! Tonight, being Thursday, they said they had miracles and wanted to do a share. It was really awesome! Even asked for the talking stick to make it formal!!! The youth just get it. They need only see the light once and there along they follow. Blessings fellow mees. Continue to show me the light!” ~ Colette, Black Diamond, Canada

“Just out, my second miracle book. Please visit my website where you can purchase through Amazon or Barnes & Noble ~ Sally, KS, USA ~ www.sallyjadlow.com

“Yesterday I took my daughter to her first session of bowling with the Special Olympics organization in our community. There were so many amazing moments and I am not sure I can describe with words the feeling of pure joy that filled my heart. There was this one moment when she was standing at the line watching her ball slowly roll down the aisle.. The way she turned around transported me back to a picture of time several years ago where she had been very ill and was taking her first steps after 52 days in bed. Those steps were so tentative and slow, she looked up at me with a look of hesitation as she took a few steps forward. Last night as she looked up at me I saw the same look of hesitation but just for a flicker of ! time. Then she threw her arms into the air jumping up and down yelling “I did it, I did it”. Her excitement was so contagious, everyone felt it and became apart of it. No one even noticed how many pins did or didn’t fall. I was so touched by the gift of seeing that linear time is only an illusion. In the moment years ago she chose to be courageous and take a step, then two, in the moment last light she chose to be courageous and celebrate the rolling of a ball. The moments overlapped and each one became filled with joy and pure unconditional love! What a beautiful miracle to watch and experience.” ~ Loree, Calgary, Canada

“A year ago as I was writing my bucket list, I wrote that I wanted to find a painless solution for my nasal blockage. I can’t remember the last time I was able to sleep at night or wake up in the morning without having my nasal passage blocked. I have seen two specialist’s and they both said I can have surgery to cut away some tissue to allow more air to pass through. Although a small procedure, I still
didnt want to have surgery. I was feeling frustrated, having gone through this for what seemed like many years. I booked a date for surgery in Feb 2012.

I recently had a massage and through a great conversation explained what I was experiencing with my nasal passage. She told me I should go see her college who is an Osteopath. I had a strong feeling I should book an appointment. I saw the Osteopath about a month later and not really knowing what he did, I just surrendered and allowed the process to happen. I left the appointment feeling very
different but didn’t know what was to come a short while after. The very same night, my nasal passage was completely clear when I went to sleep and also the very next morning. Its been 3 weeks now and I am still completely clear. I no longer feel I need to go through the surgery and will be cancelling my appointment 🙂 I am truly grateful for everyone that shows up in my life to assist me. I am always provided for.” ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

“Miracles happen when you share your dreams with like-minded people. When I first got my coaching certification, I sat around a table with girlfriends and told them I dreamed of coaching CEO’s using my coaching model for releasing self-limiting beliefs. One lady at the table said, “I’ll book you with my boss and his partner next week. Will that work?” I was shocked, (a little scared), and totally thrilled. What was a dream had just become a reality. It was the begining of a very fulfilling part of the work I do.
Marilyn, MI, USA ~ www.marilynsuttle.com

“I recently ordered a book online and the company shipped the audio version instead. They then sent me an email apologizing and letting me know I can keep the audio version and that the hard cover book is on its way! I now get to enjoy it in my car as well :)” ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

Miracle Shares

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