Get ready to race!

go-kart-redOn Thursday, September 17th, 2015 you and your team of 10 drivers will have the opportunity to be whipping around the track at Mosport Kartways, in a high performance racing machine. Every driver will get a comprehensive training tutorial, and will enjoy the thrill of the side-by-side racing action. Everyone will also get to enjoy a private function room and exceptional catering by Pusateri’s Fine Foods.

About Race Day: Albert Belo, of EllisDon, Lawrence Lum, of On Side Restoration, and Andrei Losinski of Manulife Financial worked together to create Race Day. They quickly gained support for this unique and fun event that is designed to help, Million Miracles for Kids to grow, and Sick Kids Hospital with fundraising. A great friend of theirs, Justin W. McMakin, of Newtron Group, jumped onboard to assist with marketing and media support to ensure this event gains the exposure it truly deserves.

Does this sound better than the
same old predictable function, or what?

go-karts-racingEach racer will have on-track driving time at Mosport for the ultimate racing experience. Driving time is broken up into three unique sessions (Practice, Qualifying, and Feature Race). Your Exclusive Grand Prix kicks off with a mandatory training session. Led by your personal instructor, the “Driver’s Meeting” covers rules of the track, meanings of the racing flags and of course a how-to-guide regarding the use of the karts. It’s a fun, competitive environment, with a safety first approach.

Bring Your Team and us help create an experience that they’ll never forget! All while helping our partners at Sick Kids.


We are so happy to be teamed up with the Sick Kids Foundation. Our mission will contribute to their mission with your help.

Their mission: We inspire our communities to invest in health and scientific advances to improve the lives of children and their families in Canada and around the world.

Their vision:
Healthier Children. A Better World.™

Drivers will compete in a friendly team rally format with other companies to win the big trophy for 2015.

All net proceeds administered by the Million Miracles on behalf of the SickKids Foundation.


For a sponsorship fee of only $2,000 you get:

  • Rally Team of 10 required
  • Includes go kart, full racing gear, great BBQ lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Corporate Sponsor Banner (Edp, Jpeg High Resolution Logo)
  • Team members are able to fundraise as a team to win a prize (we can find a pledge form online and redesign that they can download and use)
  • Corporate Name on website with link to site
  • Corporate Name recognition beginning of event and at the lunch donation cheque presentation